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Pastor Harold

Harold G. Burnett II

Meet Pastor Harold G. Burnett II, a captivating author, motivator, and leader whose heartfelt efforts have empowered and uplifted thousands across the nation. With a remarkable commitment to serving both the church and the community, Pastor Harold has become a beacon of inspiration, transforming lives and perspectives wherever he goes.

His impact resonates across diverse spheres, spanning from the local community to the corridors of corporate America. Recognized as a contemporary voice of power, Pastor Harold is hailed for his pioneering work in leadership development, guiding individuals towards their fullest potential. As both a preacher and a professional, he embodies a unique blend of spiritual insight and practical wisdom, making him a sought-after figure for today's generation.

Traversing the country, Pastor Harold shares the transformative power of Kingdom principles and the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. As the lead Pastor of INtentional Church in Greensboro, NC, he cultivates a vibrant community dedicated to intentional living and spiritual growth. Additionally, his groundbreaking book, "Launch: Biblical Principles to Launch You into Bigger and Better," serves as a roadmap for those seeking to embark on a journey of purpose and fulfillment.

With unwavering dedication and unwavering faith, Pastor Harold G. Burnett II continues to inspire and empower individuals to reach new heights, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds across the nation.

Pastor Sheretta

Sheretta Burnett

Pastor Sheretta Burnett is a Wife, Mother, First Lady, Coach, Speaker & Social Media Motivator. Pastor Sheretta is the Founder of Wholelistic Women, LLC; A community of Women who are Healing & Overcoming Life Experiences. After losing 125 pounds, Pastor Sheretta's purpose of helping women overcome their past and live out God's best for their future became the mission of her platform and everyday she encourages women to LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES!


Many women struggle with carrying around the spiritual, mental, & physical weight of their problems and/ or situations and Sheretta helps these women lose the weight, GAIN PURPOSE and grow their income. 


Pastor Sheretta believes that in order to become the PURPOSED you, you must first become the WHOLE you. She also believes that Wholeness makes way for you to have a great spiritual, mental & physical life.  

Pastor Sheretta has had the opportunity of coaching women to Lose Weight and Gain Purpose through her "wholelistic health" approach. When she is not being a wife, mother, mentor or coach, you can find Sheretta in the gym working on her physical fitness or in worship exercising her faith. 



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